Map FaireBel

Mods added to the map:
-Soil textures.
-Fileplane for kalk, compost etc… (work with FraBel’s Panien)
-Compost can be put with manure spreader.
-Trees textures.
-Harvest Birch. (with machine)
-Compost master.
-Mixing Station.
-Fattened Chicken.
-Alfalfa. (used as greenfertilizer)
-Sunflowers. (can be harvested with classic combine and maize cutter and can be sold)
-NKP fertilizer.
-and many more…

-Marhu For all his great mods and autorisation of reskining the mods.
-Andy_Farmer For all his great mods.
-FusingGrain For his help with new cutlure.
-LuxFarm For his stabulation.
-UpsideDown for his awesome scripts.
-Danny681 for his great mods.
-RC-Devil for his great mods.
-Mustyzzle (me) creator of the map.
-And every unknow 3D modder from FS11/13. (if you find a mod from you and want to be in the credit :

Unzip.rar – 697.5 MB

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