Map Farm ONTOT v1.0


map Farm ONTOT
crops are standard Giants, wheat, corn, barley, canola, potatoes beets, wood chips as well as rye, oats, sunflower, alfalfa and clover.
farms are all present within the company and are, cows, sheep, chickens, pigs, calves and chickens for fattening.
eggs can be found next to the cabin of the hens are all grouped on a pallet, you move close to retrieve them.
in the map are the soilmod, latest version, choppedstraw latest version, greenfertilizer, guellemistkalkmod for soilmod are all individual tanks for complete utilization of the system soilmod.
in addition to the normal enterprise silos for unloading the cereals there are all the storage warehouses for each type of product, the storage silos seed seed2 ferilizzanti and compost, the plant for the production of compost, the gimmick seedmaster2k15 for the production of seeds2 and the machinery for the production of fodder beet pulp for pigs calves.
There is an automated barn in which you can store hay and straw bales and reloading system in loose format to be used as fodder for the cows and bed.
the milk must be loaded on a special trailer and personally brought to the dairy, bales of wool produced by the sheep are managed by woolpalettecollector and must be brought to the woolen mill.
for fermentation in silage chaff there is a large double bunker covered.
I did not put the BGA because it seems unrealistic if you want there are placeable BGA and you put it.
other unreal things eliminated, missions, Jobboard, looking for coins, car traffic and pedestrians and the town
points of sale and purchases of products are:
fuel distributor bees
dairy buys milk
sewage disposal plant, buy manure and manure
Dealer, you can buy and sell the equipment
kypho industry, buy compost
timber industry buys logs on property I put the sawmill Marhu
plant biomass, buys chips
pam supermarket, buys beets, potatoes, pork, veal and eggs
fiorucci industry, buying pork, beef and chickens
dekalb industry, buying wheat, corn, barley, rye and oats
Divella pasta factory, buy wheat
Eni refinery, buys rapeseed
Maya oil mill, buys rapeseed and sunflower
riding, buy grass, hay and oat straw
woolen mill, buys wool
farm hut, buy eggs
garden centers you can buy the usual things
sugar eridania, buy beets
Peroni brewery, buys wheat and barley
near the company, there is a source of water for the refueling


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