modDescriptor v 1.1





Version 1.1 is here!
You can find the program changes in english in the modDescriptorReadMe.pdf.

It is highly recommended to delete the old version of modDescriptor, because of changes to the file structure!

modDescriptor is a program for easier creation of ModDesc.xml-Files, which are needed for every Mod by Farming Simulator 15. The program is still in betaphase , which means, that errors may occur or functions are missing.

2. FAQ
My modDescriptor doesn’t work (properly), wath can i do?
First, try to download modDescriptor again. If that doesn’t help, leave a comment on the modpage for modDescriptor on describing your problem and the error message(s) you get.

I found a bug, where can i report it?
Leave a comment on the modpage for modDescriptor on and begin the comment with „Bug:“.

Can i make a suggestion for a new feature or an improvement?
Yes, here too, write a comment on the modpage for modDescriptor on and begin the comment with „Suggestion:“.

3. License
This software is FREEWARE. Usage and/or sharing is/are free of charge and permitted, as long as there are no changes made to the software. The developer of this product is not responsible for any damages that might occur to your hard- or software.

RedBox Software <- Ich – 3.2 MB

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