Mods Wanted Wheels V 1.0


IMPORTANT! Only back up the old textures!
1. For this you go to the installation directory of the LS15 and then in \ data \ vehicles \ wheels \ Trelleborg

2. Copy the textures contained therein (21 pieces) in any other folder, that you later (if its the old Gaints – want to have textures again), you can copy it back.

3. Then you unzipped the downloaded ZIP straight here – file “” and then copy the textures contained (12 piece !!) in the said point in 1 folder, overwriting the existing textures … done!

Why there are 12 textures and not 21? Because only the diffuse and specular textures have been processed, the normal textures remain the same. Both were, the tracks and not processed by Ponsse.

Realistic-looking tires

mailman – 21.4 MB

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