MultiFruit Modul mod For Bantikow Map V 3.02




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CAUTION: This is an additional module for Multi Fruit Bantikow Map Mod, which is also available here at MH.

Bantikow Map:
Multi Fruit Mod by upsidedown for LS15:

Without these two mods, you do not need to read further and not to load my module!

This module enables multi Fruit along with the Multi Fruit Base Mod by upsidedown
Cargo and transport of fertilizer, lime and seed from the grain trade to the yard (storage)
each blade can upload wheat / wheat, can now load the above goods
each trailer, which can load wheat / wheat, can now load the above goods, transport
Note opening times of the grain trade;-)

Note: I have substituted the sake of all goods of simplicity with wheat / wheat. In the tip and on the trailer look fertilizer, lime and seed from so as wheat. It’s still each loaded goods (see pictures). If you tilt the stuff in your camp, the pile grows like built-in – that is, with the “right” texture.

Modklau & Co .: upsidedown has specially granted by Multi Fruit Mod the opportunity to publish additional modules

– Multifruit standard modules

– Author: upsidedown
– Initial version: 13/01/2014
– Finished V1.0: 13/01/2014


– Please feel free to do so, no additional permission is needed from my side to distribute modules for the Multi-Fruit Mod V2.0 (or higher)

– Some things to consider:
– * Fruit substitution is handled within multiFruit_config.xml
– * Multiple packages are Possible
– * If fruits are handled multiple times only the first entry loaded (depends on .zip name, ‘may be different order on dedicated servers!) Is inserted by the master mod.
– * You can add the lua to your map, again no permission needed an extra

Credit & 1,000 thanks to upside down and all other mappers and modders

Happy Farming on the “Ostmap”

Country Egg

PS: True farmers play Bantikow of course not with standard equipment – but with nostalgia mods

upsidedown – 37 KB

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