My Bjorn Holm v 2.0





offer you here the rebuilt standart map

what has changed:
ovine and cows in the yard
-da where cows and sheep were are now reported
-misson panel at the hof
-unterstand at the bga
-futterlager on hof
-More setting options under the hof
-futterlager of (1984Fendt936) thank you for that
-hackschnippselförderband of (mario Dieck) thank you for that
-some little things
have fun with the map
if their problem-notes then they send me via pn I try to fix them immediately

futterlager von (1984Fendt936)
hackschnippselförderband von (mariodieck)
das grundmodel und inspiration von (Mods-stube)

danke dafür – 216.3 MB

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  1. dave says:

    Hello there i love this map unfortunately theres a bug with the feed storage shed, gras mixed feed all empty and can be collected by the mixer properly but the straw doesnt collect,it will let you tip it but it just disapears into the hole in the ground, no pile apears were you can take it back from .

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