New Holland T9.670 Duel Wheel v2.0

This is the New Holland T9.670 with duel wheels.

Added Features:
Partical effect on all wheels.
New strobe light set.
Tire tracks on all wheels.
New Sounds.
Duel wheels have collision.
For those who like first person I changed the windows to be much more clearer.
New duel tires!

The cost is: $358.000
Max Power: 509 kw / 692 hp.
Maintenance cost: $520 a day.

Change Log V2.0
New duel tires
Reworked tire collision (due to new tires).
Corrected tire particle system.

Change Log V1.1
Increased power to 692 HP
Changed the strobe lights to a different version.

McKnight – 23.6 MB

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