NH All Pack – Autoleveling Combines v1.0

Good evening everyone! Finally here for you users of the forum the pack of self-leveling combine harvester New Holland of TMC Modding! 😀 The pack consists of five threshers: New Holland AL59, AL59 4×4, latest model AL59, AL519 and AL519 Fiatagri (BARS NOT INCLUDED). This link (LINK ONLY ORIGINAL) will take you to the download package of all five threshers concomitantly, remember to extract the internal files and put the ones to see the mods in the game. All ‘inside also found the bar to be Zaffrani sunflowers created by 352c and converted with the relevant permits from the dear Mbh Farm which I warmly thank. There is also a small text file inside, WE ADVISE YOU TO READ IT, you will find us many useful info such as various commands and bars recommended for use with the threshing wheat. Here are the functions and features of the mod: – Original leveling Laverda custom frame – Removing weights to the rear wheels Outdoor – Opening side covers and truck outdoor and indoor – Full animations of belts and pulleys to the threshing mechanism that depart when it is activated – Animation and the radiator fan rotor which increases according to the number of revolutions of the engine – Indoor entertainment in the cabin of the advancement joystick – Opening the door from outside and inside by IC – Original sound including reverse beeper – Effect dynamic smoke in the air – Complete night lights CREDITS: Ingame / Scripts: Riguz00, TMC Modding Model / Textures: Giacomo91, Luca28Editing Idea / Concept: TMC Modding, Riguz00 Testing: Riguz00, TMC Modding, Giacomo91, AgriBoine, Fabio B. A big thank you to all those who are present in the credits, but also to those who have helped in this project from the beginning, they gave us even advice or technical information. Soon the mods will also be available on ModHoster (and thanks to the usual “jackals”, illegally, even on all the other sites). No serious defects were found or ingame errors, terracotta models could sin a bit of texture than the others, but better than that we could not do. Now just write, GOOD GAME! 😀 *** RESPECT OUR WORK THANKS ***

Model: Giacomo91, Luca28Editing
Texture: Giacomo91, Luca28Editing, TMC Modding
Script: Riguz00, TMC Modding
Idea / Concept: TMC Modding, Riguz00
Testing: Riguz00, TMC Modding, Giacomo91
Other: AgriBoine, Fabio B.

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