Nieznana Dolina by ReQ


What map includes a:
– One farm
– Cows, chickens, sheep
– The sale of eggs
– Feeding the cows in the barn
– Turn down in the barn
– silos
– fertilizers
– lime
– Manure V2
– silage
– Feeding the cows and sheep grass
– Purchase of cereals
– Purchase of wool
– Purchase of bales
– shop
– urine
– Mod chopped
– Sale of machines in the shop
– Reset the machine on the economy
– Sellers field
– Several machines to start
– Interesting terrain
– Mod for exports of milk (need special barrel)
– Pushed manure
– On the manure pile
– village
– sawmill
– Purchase of sawdust
– Two different woods
– Sale of silage
– Secondary icons (red question marks)
– Changed the texture of grass and earth
– Acting mini map and placement of icons
– To buy a total of 34.97 ha ha + a few to start
– Map to medium clipper

The more downloads, the more I have more motivation to further maps. Collect and sing praise.
Prohibition CHANGES link!
Prohibition edit, if something does not work, write, and I will deliver improved patch.

Unknown Valley to REQ – 303.2 MB

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