NOS Hardcore gas station v1.0 Last Edition

Moin you all,

Here you’ll finally what gaaanz else for your roach Collection. there is a gas station with NOS Hardcore function. the model was exported from the Bjorn Holm map and prepared from home NOS hardcore. For this purpose, the highlight is a neon added. What is new, a filling station NOS is your petrol tank fills. It is quite natural Placeable and error free. Thus, the “red-eye” Have fun looking forward to a eigende gas station “. Urrmodder is the GIANTS. When refueling and placing. Thanks goes to my team-mate he has incorporated my gas trigger so that you can fill up here.

Urrmodell: GIANTS Software
NOS Flaschen: Micha the Modder , Corsa D Fahrer
Gas trigger GIANTS, Teamkollege Markus S.
Der rest Corsa D Fahrer – 2.5 MB

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