Slurry Agitator Pack

This mod is built on Ag Major 7500 slurry agitator, the package contains the original Major stirrer as well as Abbey, Conor, NC and Red Rock version of the decal. Mod has no effect on the slurry in the game, it is only for aesthetic purposes.
It does not have a job mouse-driven animation and functioning system of sludge particles that can be directed through animation. Control: Increase / Lower mixers – left mouse button + Y Axis Rotate the tube – left mouse button + X-axis Direction flaps
– right click + X-axis Features:
-mouse driven animation -Slurry particle system
-Daily Operating expenses: £ 4
-Purchase price: £ 1,995

Model and Textures created by Nevill_37 (BBM) Decal reskins would JT78 (BBM)

Uploadfiles: Download mod
Orginal Link: Download mod

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