Pack Juraccessoire Godet Frabel Ls v1.1





Frabel Ls Modding
Hi Mod community
Here is a pack for fronloader and téléloader

The mod has.
The Washable (Script LS15).
The Possibility of taking Bigs, bales, trunk, ….
The flexible side cheeks.
The business Griffet.
Accepted cultures : barley maize rape seeds fertilizer wheat chaff potato manure silage grass Sugarbeet dryGrass grass_windrow wheat_windrow barley_windrow drilling kalk woodchips .
Please respect my work and use the original download link!

Team FraBel Ls-Modding

Orginal link:
Sharemods: – 3.5 MB
Uploadfiles: – 3.5 MB

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4 Responses

  1. Alexandre says:

    jaime farming car je peu expérimenter ce a quoi un vrai fermier resent dans sa vie de tout les jour

  2. Martin Bourgalt says:

    Je trouve jeux est surpère

  3. theo says:

    ceme farming pasque les tracteur

  4. tate davidson says:

    can anybody that builds mods build a john deere 650g dozer or a john deere 700g dozer or a caterpillar d5c dozer and put a working winch on it to where you can pull trees with the winch on the dozer also put a working winch on all the skidders on the mod websites like the 548h or the 748h also try to make a old time john deere logging skidder like a 640d or a 740d if you can build them like that trying making a new skidder the brand is called camox 275d or a camox 175d there red in color or if you all can make one of them try making a timberjack 404 logging skidder make all skidders and dozers have working winches for pulling logs dont use a grapple they dont work right any more thats why i say use a winch and on the winch cable use chokers so when you pull logs the choker just keep getting tighter the more you pull make it to where the cable can pull about 6 to 8 big full trees whole trees some where in that range but i sure be glad if you could do those mods for me and all the rest of us that likes to use mods but thank you very much if you can or cant build them mods i just mentioned.

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