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Dear Modgemeinde.
After about 2 months of construction, fummel and test work I want to introduce you a new map.

It is not completely new but united in Papenburg Map Papenburg with the North Bokel. The rest of the map I gestalltet idividuell. It has also maintained a slight hill Lieger some detail. The parts I will expand on the time.
It therefore is a 4 fold map. I have some big dispensed layer trees. Which are only here and there on the edge
The map is planted to 97% precipitable with trees.
Equal first the map is not necessarily what weak computer. But my tester did not complain so they should run well on moderate calculators.
My system for reference: Intel i7 4970K 8GB / Ram 1600 / Geforce GTX 770 2GB Ram / Win 7 64 bit
But the pudding is in the eating.
As a result, I have merged 2 maps and have installed mods and eitliche building has grown to about 490MB the zip. Especially the trees eat a lot of space in the i3d the shapes, the playing sind.Das grown to over 100 MB of performance and load times but technically not a big role.
So we go into detail
-4 Times map with 95 arable land and about 20 meadows
and pig. BGA.Mistlager of BGA
– All dunghill with conveyor belts
– Wool pallets Collector (with auto sale)
– (Can load Sähmaschinenmüssen seeds2) Seedmaster for the production of seed (Pack included)

Kalksilos to kalkkaufen of different stand put on the map (courtyard, harbor, Raiffeisen)
– 5 manure storage
– A wide end farm buildings (usually twice) 2 butchers, 2 biomass heating plants, 1 Raiffeisen mill, 2 Raiffeisen markets, 2 grain storage, etc.
– Slurry, manure, lime mod Wassermod, Choppedstraw
– Fruit varieties: wheat, barley, canola, corn, grass, beets, potatoes, clover, alfalfa (Multi Fruit modules are included)
– 2 large external Biiogasanlagen
– Surfaces 1-40 hectares

Function grass and corn silos (Chaff):
The silos can do both. For this purpose, you should her fahrsiloextension nutzen.Lest through you what it says. There is only grass or corn silos. You will even remember what go where gehört.Grasilos take only grass and corn silos only maize (chaff) and potatoes (see below)

Even after proofing can see by the color of what grass (dark) or maize (chaff) (light) ist.Das can then very easily using the Mixer feeders (Kuhn) or blade (can record must grass) .And be taken either directly fed or processed at 50% 50% oder60% / 40% or 40% / 60% mixture of compound feedingstuffs werden.Bei addition of 10-20% of potatoes in ensiling can also be removed after fermentation direct compound feed.

Other FAQ and other explanations follow in the next few days.

Known errors and problems

AdvancedFillAutoAimTargetNode Is not kompalitbel with swine and cattle fattening the problems are loaded in animals.

My special thanks to my testers: Team and Marcel, Sascha, Lars, Kevin and team, Tobias, Francis, Nils Henning and Jan

Verschiedene gebäude und texturen von
Jimkerk: umbauten und umtextuieren an gebäuden
Fatian: strassen und wege,
Tessman85: Groundtexturen
Ni Modding:Hallen und Häuserpack
818Vario: Halle
DeutzDx85: Börgergüllebehälter
chopped Sraw:webalizer_ls
Wasser Mod by Marhu
Gülle Mist Kalk Mod by Marhu
Map Ampeln by Bluebaby
Rinder und Schweinemast by Marhu
Digitale anzeife by Nils23
Seedmaster2k15 by Farmer_Andy
Werkstatt interior und kran etc. by JauchenPaule
Kompostanlage by Andy1978 (
Fermenting Silo Script: Marhu (
Und viele Mehr

Papenburg_forever_entpacken.rar – 490.2 MB

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