Papenburg North Bokel V 1.0

papenburg-nord-bokel (1)

papenburg-nord-bokel (2)

papenburg-nord-bokel (3)

papenburg-nord-bokel (4)


Representation of the northern borough Bokel.
-33 Boxes in different sizes of 18ha. + 6 different sizes of permanent grassland meadows
-Hof with many plots dairy cattle and sheep
-4 Grass + 2 Maisilos with cutting edge of 1000-2700m3 capacity
-Aussenhof With cattle and pigs, grain storage
Crap and manure storage
-Digitalanzeigen Of grain, manure, slurry, liquid levels SrOH
Biogas plant INVL 2 bunkers and 2 aufschiebsilos with cutting edge with 6500m3 each silo.
-Teildarstellung The center of Papenburg (fictitious)
Representation Meyer Werft.
-Port And business park
-Seedmaster To manufacture its own seed from Gert bow
-Gülle, Manure and lime mod
-Chopped Straw

Various buildings and textures of
Jimkerk: tags and umtextuieren of buildings
Fatian: roads and paths,
Tessman85: Ground textures
Ni Modding: Halls and Houses Pack
818vario: Hall
DeutzDx85: Börger slurry tanks
chopped SRaw: webalizer_ls
water Mod by Marhu
manure manure lime Mod by Marhu
Map lights by Blue Baby
cattle and pigs by Marhu
Digital anzeife by Nils23
Seedmaster2k15 by Farmer_Andy
And many more


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