Production of vegan milk v1.0

Milk production without cows?
As more people switch to a vegan diet, today I present
Milkfactory, that produces vegan milk

Delivery of raw materials:
1) cereals: wheat, barley or maize (for those who have other fruits such as spelled and oats on their map can add these too in GE)
2) water

To be produced:
1) vegan milk: Can be sold anywhere where regular milk is assumed.
2) waste in the form of manure and chaff

Please take care that you use trailers that can load the fruits.
The triggers you see in the pictures.
An overview of the current filling you see in the table under the small roof.
The basic building for this mod was the lumbermill from Björnholm. I put annoying things away, made the hall navigable and provided with further details.
There is nothing more required than a straight surface.
The mod runs with the factoryscript of Marhu and so there are no additional mods needed (except for the transport of goods)

slowtide63 (Modelle von Giants bearbeitet)
fabrikscript von Marhu

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