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Good evening,
In a post on the official forum of Stegei he wrote that the weights of cargo on trailers etc. about 50% by weight correspond to the real compromise between totally realistic and not too tiring for those who do not play to find 100% realistic.
I think that’s a good thing for most, but want to play for all the 100% realistic I have this little script.
Play 100% load weight for 100% realistic!
For those who do not want to play 100% realistic but perhaps just a little more realistic or totally unrealistic, but what the mod. You can you the value for all load weights change even in the script:
Simply the FillTypeMassAdjustment.lua open with a text editor and line 11 (multiplier = 2) change the number.
1 means 50% so original values Giants, 2 means 100% so realistic, 1.5 would now be 75% and who want to have very unrealistic simply writes a value below 1. Zb 0.5 for half Giants weight or 0.1 for tenth ..
For all who want to play realistic, the difference you notice really, and it feels more like MoreRealistic again in LS13 on .. Say if the trailer is full then you notice it again properly 🙂
Perhaps like and uses the script so one or the other no matter whether realistic or unrealistic .. 🙂 Enjoy!
LG model Eicher
ps. If you have questions or suggestions for the mod, just write in the comments or ne PN 🙂

Script by modelleicher – 5 KB

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