V1.5 Ringwoods Map Completion large Update, 1.23gb reduced to 326Mb zip, Multiplayer YES. Map opimised via 2nd GE pass to reduce size. Ringwoods 1.5 is error free.

Just place this zip in your mods folder and load up a new game and select the Ringwoods V1.5 Map.

Starting equipment is basic but worth +999k if sold towards mods.

It would be a great help to others If you could comment on how this map performs with your PC system specs. This plays perfectly on our systems with settings set to HIGH and 2xAS , 2xAA enabled. Win7 64bit, 8gb Ram, Xeon quad core CPU’s and Geforce 670 MSI graphics cards.

New for V1.5 you will need a compost trailer/shovels and a cattle transport trailer like the Joskin BetimaxRDS 750 to transport from the new areas to sell point’s.

CMC Composting Plant. Plant owner pays at tip point.
Garden Center Compost sell point.
North farm Pig fattening.
South farm beef fattening.
North and South farm yard extensions for the above.
CMP Meats on Hangar Row in town purchase fattened cattle.
Manure pit loading conveyors.
Many area updates.
All reported issues fixed tested and working including the mixstation keybinding.
Updated prices and stats.
Updated PDA map with new areas.
Inter farm sales are now switched on so you can store at the Ringwoods Main silo the sell to the north or south farms when demand is high.
Building texture updates all over the map are finished.
All fields are empty now ready for planting.
More trees, shrubs and flowers planted in key areas. Trees texture have been freshly updated and all tree models replaced before upload.
Remove Haze and compost soil are incorperated into the map. Much much more but you’ll not notice unless you look hard.
The south Forerstry area around the sawmill and lake hammers our graphics cards purely because there is so much going on in that area. No framerate drops just the fans really spin up there.

This is the completed map now although I’m not labelling it as final. Enjoy.

As always this map was designed to run on our PC’s the spec’s above and it does perfectly. However I CAN NOT guarantee that it will run, perform and play as intended on your PC system but hopefully it will.

You are not allowed to modify and re-upload this map without my permission so please don’t, make and edit your own maps and mods it’s fun.
You can however use any part, model, texture including the trees for your own map and upload them with it. Thanks Stevie.

Original by Giant’s, Marhu & Farmer_Andy’s models and scripts, Andy1978, Wiznall, JHML and mod map by Stevie.

ringwoods15update.zip – 326.8 MB

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10 Responses

  1. Ronex says:

    RINGWOODS 1.5 MAP UPDATE. I cut the grass and it’s loading as straw, very different, maybe an error.

  2. Stevie says:

    RONEXUK it’s your loader, it’s been tested on MH with photo proof uploaded. The Field work perfect and loads all grass types properly.

  3. Freestate Farmer says:

    Hi Stevie. How can I make contact with you. There are errors on your map and some are serious. One example is that one of the fields can be planted without buying the field. Game does not recognize the field. I have taken screen shots to show you what I mean. Also I identified which mods conflicts with your map. That is why the map does not load when those mods are in the mod folder. It took me 50 min to test every one. 🙁 🙁

  4. Freestate Farmer says:

    Never mind. Deleted the map. Will wait for fixed version. Pitty.

  5. ama299 says:

    @ Freestate Farmer

    an update is out 1.51 for some reason it’s just not on this mods site.

  6. Freestate Farmer says:


    Thanx I saw that on fs15. I wonder if the floating buildings at the court yard were fixed? Also field 18 that can be harvest without buying it? This guy knows his modding at farm equipment but lacks at the map. I’m not being rude because I have about 8 of his mods in my folder and working well. Thank you Stevie for that. I will wait and see for any replies for the new map before downloading. ;0

  7. Stevie says:

    Hi Freestate Farmer sorry for the late reply I don’t visit here much, Anyway’s thanks for bringing the field 18 issue to my attention sadly it wasn’t fixed for V1.51 but is fixed in V1.6 it was just the map marker that I hadn’t moved. I will continue to work on Ringwoods until it’s as perfect and playable as I can possibly make it. Also which court yard has the floating buildings that you have spotted? Also field size stat’s won’t report correctly as all the corner markers are still from the original, I’m not sure the layout is staying as it is yet and they won’t be removed until the end release. Many more fixes have already been made for V1.6. Thanks Stevie.

  8. Freestate Farmer says:

    Thanx Stevie for reply. This is what I spotted.1) Your field 18 can be harvested without buying when a person starts at the top of the field- Opposite main farm. 2) Issue with floating buildings is your 3 big buildings for the harvesters at main court at the back of the buildings it is in the air and not level to ground. “Floating in air” affect. Hope you understand.

  9. Stevie says:

    Hi Freestate Farmer, they are all fixed plus much much more ready for this coming weekends release of V1.6. Thanks for pointing them out I found many more floating buildings afterwards.

  10. Freestate Farmer says:

    My pleasure. I enjoy your map. I will keep my eyes out for 1,6.

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