Scania T 164-580 Longline And Trailer v2.0



Scania T 164-580 :
– New sound
– New engine
– Change engine revs

Trailer edit capacity(80000l)

VWFahrer80, TSL, Hugo94FR, Serge44, Getsome2030, Mods(i am)

TRUCK : – 41.9 MB
TRAILER: – 24.1 MB

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4 Responses

  1. Avatar no lo says:

    there is no sound!!!!

  2. Avatar Dan says:

    none of the scanias i have downloaded have sound. so annoying.

  3. Avatar txadi says:

    Maybe there is no sound in the package. But maybe there is sound, in .ogg format! Open the package, convert them into .wav, change the extension in the xml file and normally, it will work.

  4. Avatar freQ says:

    For me working properly. No problems with sound.

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