Set construction sites v1.2




I hereby would like to introduce you to my sites set is available.
This set is intended for Mapbauer and thus be placed only on the GE.

Content of Set’s
Bark foot (rubber)
Site bark
Hoarding foot (concrete)
Hoarding (large)
Hoarding (small)
Traffic cone
Construction panel
Site warning light

Update to version 1.2
Fixed Character ‘19812’ not found: Warning
the small construction fence was in the tiny, and often adapted again
Site bark with warning light added (at the time the warning light for continuous operation I hope I can still move to the flashes in the interval)
Stahlbetongrohr is now Mobile (can be upgraded with the Liebherr wheel loaders and the telescopic handlers)

Update to version 1.1
(Been for some objects are grouped together) properties are now on the shop Placeable
Vehrkehrsleitkegel again Revision
new items added: reinforced concrete pressure pipe

Konstuktive criticism Bausetllenset is happy desired.
* Note to the site panel
You just have the texture with the euphonious name “baustellen_tafel.dss” your wishes
. Adjust The texture is included as a Photoshop file in the texture folder so they can edit easily. ** Note on construction sites Set
Unzip the Baustellen_Set_v1.1 einafch and then grab the in the mods folder, now you can find the objects under the point Miscellaneous.


Modder: Shakari – 2.6 MB

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