Silent Valley Map V 1:01




which offers the Map:
Manure manure KalkMod
MapDoorTrigger (please instructions)
otherwise, it offers the same as the original maps of Giants

Urmap LS11: prosperity child
edit LS11: Bandit
LS13, LS15 and Edit: Bandit
large number of objects: Giants
RoadConstructionPackV3: Fatian
country trade: PaPa
WaterMod: Marhu
MapSiloBand: Marhu
lime silo: Danny681
pig 2: PaPa script: Marhu
various objects and signs of the WildbachtalMapLS13: Stormbringer / Kunds Modding
Hofobjekte as barn, shelters, etc. .: model eicher
objects / road texture from the GorzkowaV2 tommy-1 and BigBens
MapDoorTrigger: VertexDezign / John Deere 6930
Water tank / tower: fin050808
Börndi: Models of test objects pack manure pit / high status
animated manure basin : martinbigM500
manure manure sale: zatoxx
bridge / bridge at Sawmill Pond: FSM team
woodchip conveyor belt: Mario -The LS hangout
ground textures: ZeFir_POLAND
Distant Hills mountains to install v 1.0: mailman
some Fruit Texture: ??? partly from LS11 Edit: Bandit
observation tower: Schwaki (112TEC)
flying eagle: BulldozerXL
swath customized according Tutorial by MazyHD

SVbB_LS15_V1.01_entpacken.rar – 279.4 MB

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