STEYR 8150 TURBO V 1.0


Technical specifications:
-Year: 1992
-Engine: 6.6 liter 6-cylinder engine with 135 hp
Gearbox: 24 forward and 8 reverse speeds to 40km / h
-Fuel Capacity: 168 liter
Cab: SK2 – Super Comfort 2nd generation
-Eigengewicht: 5580kg

– Washable
– IC circuit
– Swing axle
– Animations: All-wheel shaft, exhaust valve, wiper (in the rain), tachometer, fuel and temperature indicator (also illuminated)
– Open the door (left) / close (from the outside) key R
– Both doors on / degradable (from the outside) key R
– Hood covers on / degradable (from the outside) key R
– Front loader console / degradable (from the outside) key R
– Front fender on / degradable (from the outside) key R
– Front hydraulics / degradable (from the outside) key R
– Work light front / rear / off button Num7 / key Num9
– FH-foldable lower links (via IC)
– Passenger seat foldable via IC
– Hitch front + atacherjoint (prepared for kaufbares Frontgewicht, purchasable wheel weight bracket)
– Steyr WD612 Sound, (was from verscheidenen YT Videos of Steyr 8150 – cut together 8180)
– Indoor Sound
– Window + door closing sound
– Passenger script
– Mirror
– Two RUL

MB 3D Modelling – 60.5 MB

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