Fundamental to the card:
This will be the last revision of the Two Rivers Map. Slowly I have to turn to other things and eventually it gets boring, always screw on the same map me.
On various personal nonsensical for me things like economic cycles and the like, I have omitted, who wants to have such a thing, it must be installed please themselves or use another card. The map is designed, how we want to play them. Due to the different tastes can not take on every single request consideration you.

Location: Salzachtal to Salzburg (Austria)
Landscape fictional, but close to the original
Crops: wheat, barley, canola, corn, beets, potatoes, sunflowers, oats, rye
Alfalfa and clover as a cover crop for the rapidly growing Gründüngermod by upsidedown
Animals: cows, sheep, chickens, pigs
Mast equipment: pig and cattle fattening
Potato washing system and functioning sawmill
Fields: 29 fields of 2.4 ha to 13.27 ha
various meadows of various sizes
A lovingly designed village, various objects break up the landscape,
realistic sidelines planting, a beautiful Alpenhof, sugar factory, BGA trains, a new sawmill and much more.
Collisions of various objects for courseplay players and those who are taking it not as accurate with reality turned off. In the trees there is this to cases no longer possible to work through the possibility without Collision in helper mode, you should therefore, where appropriate, pay attention to a headland.

Map: El Cid
Script Installation: Festus007
Tester: El Cid / Festus007 / SchorschiBW / Coach /
Fin050808 / Ralli / Meyer123
Slurry / lime / Mistmod: TMT / Marhu
ChoppedStraw: webalizer
Pig: Marhu
Wassermod: Marhu
Giants: various buildings and decoration objects
Buschi: grass pavers, Flußerle,
Layer cobblestones, various tools,
Forest signs, log set, Pqletten
Fatian: Arch bridge
Andi Scania: Ferkeltaxe
IHC27: Halls for LU, Butcher, washhouse
Börndi: power house, high rank, bus stop,
Park benches
Mailman: barns, loading docks
Funker: guardrails
Chefkoch_LS: Blitzer
Eribus: diverse textures of the Forgotten
Plants Pack
Vanilla: some textures from the Pack
“Realistic-textures 2.0″
KA88: barriers
Wohlstandskind: catenary train
Maxter: Sheep
Wellano920: fertilizer, fuel drums, seed
TakerMaco: Power House
bgo1973 / executor Jack: Luzerne
MartinbigM: Mobile Home, cesspit pig
Jauch Paule: Radio Tower, Workshop Equipment
Steffen30muc: lime / fertilizer warehouse, BGA silos
kirezagar: brick palette
VertexDezign: machine shops, grain storage
Fendtfan1: Ball Hall, dunghill Hof,
Bus stop
MF Modding: Kuhsilo
Manuel: milk silos
Kai2: Aldi (Hofer conversion to El Cid)
BernieSCS: ideas for the yard / parts from the yard
Wellano920: Ambience Sound Pack V1
Farmer_Andy: potato washing system
El Cid: railway station, guesthouse, several houses in the village, diverse
Foliagelayer, school, Ponnyhof, Forsthaus,
Milk collection, gravel pit, sports court,
Construction village, power lines, feed stores,
Dunghill, various traffic signs, fruit plates,
Sugar mill, barn, Hofneubau, bridges – 440.0 MB

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4 Responses

  1. Avatar martin says:

    doesn’t show up in maps list???

  2. Avatar Julien says:

    hello how to buy fields

  3. Avatar Steve says:

    Won’t load. Is there anything else needed to run?

  4. Avatar Peter Evenhuis says:

    i cannot feed the cows. the straw wil not unload.. even if it says unload!!
    do i do something wrong?
    I really like the map!!!

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