Ursus 1604 revised version


Modification is:
– Mod Hand
– Realistic sounds
– A cock in the car
– Get in the cab showing the speed and fuel level
– Particle wheel system
– Hook turns
– And much much more
Added / Changed:
Added fenders narrowed the front wheels, added operating indicators, additional two halogen lights on the front.
Improved lighting – all lights are off.
Console from round lost luster and color changed to gray.
Hardened rear axle.
Open roof
The revised engine sound because this was the rozlatująca the chaff.
Required Patch 1.1

Author: Model: Marcello1942
Edit: mati7766
FS 15: Seven7
Edit 2: Pawulon
Hand Animation (Mod Hand) by Lech & Aranea

Ursus1604v4.zip – 25.8 MB

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