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Hi there,
present here with Vehicle Sort my first mod for the LS15.
Since it has annoyed me at LS have long known that you can not manually arrange the order in which you jump using the Tab key to scroll through the cars, I have created a little tool for this purpose.
You can also change by VehicleSort quickly between the individual vehicles.

To operate:
All my NumPad
0 key opens / closes the vehicle list. This shows the vehicles in the order in which you will jump using the Tab key, incl. The attached tools / Treiler / etc.
2 & 8 keys move the marker (green) through the list.
5 key selects a vehicle for shifting – the mark changes to red. Press again to exit slide mode.
Enter button goes directly to the selected vehicle.

If you sit yourself in a vehicle, this is written in the list of fat.

I could not test because I do not have time for multiplayer games due to time constraints – so I do not know exactly how the LS handles the hopping sequence in multiplayer games. Officially, the mod is not MP-fit for this reason!

Notes / Error:
The log is clean with me in previous test – the mod has not previously been tested on different systems. If you find errors, please post in the comments or via PM.
The modified sequence is stored in a separate file to make the original Scores untouched. At the start of the game the stored sequence is reloaded and restored.
It ended in LS15 the running game back to the main menu and then load a new game, the stored sequence is not yet restored. Since the scripting documentation of LS15 yet is very incomplete, I have not yet managed to resolve this problem. A complete reboot of the LS, however, ensures that the sequence is reloaded correctly.

On the other developers:
If someone has a tip for a callback function that is called exactly once after loading a map, I am grateful for any advice…

Dschonny – 116 KB

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