Wertheim v1.0






The landscape of this map is fictitious, the name Wertheim in Germany there. It offers you more than 30 fields
from small to large. Work your way up from small farmers to large farmers alone or with friends high. You can find 2 outlets
cereals, 1 outlet for tree trunks, and 2 outlets for wood chips. The net You can also sell grass.
In the BGA you can sell straw. The old lighthouse is a popular destination for many visitors, even if he does not
more is in operation.

Start vehicles / equipment:
– Ursus 15014 (has been requested by my viewers)
– Kroeger HKD302
– Multi Steyr 4115 Forestry
– Stoll front loader FZ
– Stoll Tool Log Fork (Holzzange)
– Stepa FHL 13AK (timber trailer)
– KoeckerlingTrio 300M
– Poettinger Vitasem 302A
– New Holland TC590
– Huerlimann H488
– Poettinger Euro Boss 330T

– High swath

– Grain Silo (courtyard)
– Potato, Beet Chips (courtyard)

Sold at:
– Net (grain, grass)
– Freight station (cereals)
– Wood-export (wood chips)
– Village (wood chips for the houses)
– Sawmill (logs)

– Requires no

– The contents of the map may not be exported and used in other maps. The map can not be changed and re-uploaded.

Working hours:
– Approximately 123 hours

Now I wish you lots of fun while working. Gruss your TuneWar LP

Die Map darf nicht veränder und/oder neu Hochgeladen werden.

Wertheim_v1.zip – 380.4 MB

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