version 4.0
First of all: *** SEE NEW PICTURES *** – Chopped Straw installed – GülleKalkMist MOD built-in – From the sea was a large lake – Fermenting silos built at the mixing station – 2 new large fields (where the grass was before) – SeedMaster Built-in – Seed Vault built-in – new place for MODS placeable on the farm for you – 6 greenhouses fix installed – PDA Adapted (as of 12/28/2014) – 2 new forest areas with over 1000 trees and precipitable tramlines – Mezgereigelände completely new – 2 new fields you can now own decide where your your meadows want to have – Butchery rebuilt (point of sale for pork and beef separately) – silos HOF replaced by Fermenting silos – New Paltz behind the Stohverkauf (disabled) for further MODS I install – GuelleKalkMist mod installed (please even the ZIP betötigte in euern modfolder, see mods) – lime silo built on the farm – built-in seed storage – performance improvement of MAP – fixed several bugs – LOG is clean (NO errors and errors)


Sharemods: WESTBRIDGE_NEW_DESIGN.zip – 396.5 MB
Uploadfiles: WESTBRIDGE_NEW_DESIGN.zip – 396.5 MB

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6 Responses

  1. Avatar Ralf says:

    Nice map,but as same other maps with this new seed crush machine,its lag like S***,unplayable with this lag around… Only when i play maps with this new seed crush mashine,its lagging so hard..else the map looks very nice 🙂

  2. Avatar Jason says:

    love this farm/map! Great job. One question, where do I take milk trailer to sell the milk? Found a milk factory but can’t find place to sell. Thanks

  3. Avatar Will says:

    You can’t sell at the milk factory, there is a place in town you sell the milk.

  4. Avatar Jason says:

    Ok thanks I’ll look for it

  5. Avatar Will says:

    Its hard to see on the map but its next to the wool sell point, on the map its called Milchverkauf (Milk Sale)

  6. Avatar Alan says:

    Very good map. Can any 1 tell me how what i need to do to able to grow soybean on this map

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