Westbridge Hills v1.0


Tach also.
We (3 Leutz) thought we gamble for us times reinstellen the West Bridge Hills here!
Here is the West Bridge Hills.
This has been taken out of the game and since it is not yet here we have set ourselves on the map and make them available to you.
What is made?
In the main courtyard, we have for Grass straw and silage sat down and of course on what the wood chips.
Then the EOT is how it disappeared in LS2013 are there and have used another next to another small!
Everything else we have left so we figured why convert so much when it comes also with a little!
You can upload the map somewhere else like the matter is us! We see this not as tight!
IMPORTANT: Mod should NOT be unpacked. Not for LOW computer
Just as they pulled Wurd throw in the modfolder and then start!
But it respects the maps has a certain size and may take a while to load the game if you have a computer that does not have the certain performance!
Credits: Gaints, Icebear_Lars, möchtergernbauer, NiiceOne, truck drivers Fabian
And now gamble much fun.

Gaints, Icebear_Lars,möchtergernbauer,NiiceOne,lkwfahrer Fabian

westbridge_v1.zip – 319.3 MB

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