WIENHOFF VTW 20200 V 2.0

Hello everyone,
Today I offer you the Wienhoff VTW 20200! A medium/big sized vacuum manure tank.We have converted the Wienhoff from FS2013 to FS2015.
(I’ve got premission from the original creators to release this convertion of the Wienhoff by Vertexdezign!)

What has been done:
-Re-ingamed for fs2015
-Model has been rebuilded for working dirt
-Created Specular textures
-Decals are updated

-Force Steering

FS2013 Model: steyr1 Texture: Katsuo, L4Icce Ingame: John Deere 6930 Script: John Deere 6930 Performance-Tuning: MadMax Wheels & Tires: PES 4ever; FS2015 Boby-2000 (Convertion) Beunheas (Convertion, model rebuilding, texture rebuilding, dirt, finetuning) Jantjetennis (Help, test) – 9.6 MB

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