Wolles Farm v1.0




This was all done and installed:
1. The Court has been converted and some halls added with and without roller doors.
2. The cows and sheep are now also at the court and where the cows and sheep were are endstanden meadows. A new feed store with Silobändern was installed.
The Cowsilo has been converted into a Freilandsilo.
The Wassermod was installed, so the you can provide all animals with water and immersed in the statistics on.
3. The shop was also changed slightly.
4. The BGA has to get better fill a ramp!

The log is clean!
The map runs in super SP and MP she also runs a small exception! The map will operate at the standard machines and not with mods! Have tried everything what has occurred to me what it may be, still have not found a solution! If someone has a tip, what it could be, please leave a message to me so that I can change it in the V2!
Now for the first time a lot of fun with the map.
Greeting wolle66


WollesFarm.zip – 206.8 MB

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