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Introduce the map Cold vodka v7 for farm simulator 15,
This is a continuation of the map ZW v6.1 / 6.5 by Maciey.

I wanted to spend MAPK as soon as possible, and recording a new movie so it took a lot to throw a video of version 13, the FS15 does not have a lime, these crops and sky textures, as stated below in the video, but the video perfectly shows the map and the amazing atmosphere.

Map compared to the original underwent a series of profound changes while maintaining the mountainous climate, completely redesigned and expanded gosdpodarstwo village with skupami, was added a couple of new fields and already The existing have been improved.

What’s the map:
– Map has small, medium and some large fields, irregular rather krztałtach so employee himself is not here unless we work alone machines You cross a few times around in difficult places.
– Curious mountainous terrain with difficult access roads to the fields in some fields it is very difficult to get there, map adapted rather to medium machines so do not even play prubójcie combine with hederm 10m and more, because the header will be August wrzynał in the land, it is not a mistake but a mountainous climate 🙂
– Sometimes the machine or combine the work will be laid off or header will be August wrzynał in the land then you have little to lift the machine or the header and leave when you move, it is probably With more realistic in the real world also doing so in August as the tractor is hard.
– Village with various buildings, a church, a shop, not playable farms, purchase of cereals, garden center.
– Dairy, milk sells the same in August
– The sale of straw next to the barn
– Several forest and sawmill where we sell logs and chips
– Cows, sheep, chickens walk on the entire unincorporated (August collect eggs in one place)
– Making the cows in the barn
– Realistic texture tillage ..
– Manure from the barn turem forced to semico
– Work saved game
– Gates in all buildings open to the press (opening a few gates at a time to slow down the game on slower computers, so better to open one), the gate opened automatically
More you’ll see in the game. Feel free to play.

Open the downloaded archive WinRAR to extract the entire contents of mods
If my map of like it and want to help me work on the next version then you can help me by downloading the map directly from the link stated below not using any download accelerators or third parties.


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