AEBI TP48 V1.0

Aebi TP48 I would like to introduce you to the Aebi TP48 for the Farming Simulator 2017. I’ve spent a lot of time in the modpack and I hope it was not all about it. I tried to make the mod as good as my moddering skills allow. I hope the mod has succeeded. Important information: With swap bodies such as transport module and loader wagon good performance on a slope Versatile use both on land and on slopes low center of gravity that prevents falling over on the hand good grip even in very steep terrain a lot of animations attachable objects such as twin tires, hoses and PTOs Information about the individual machines: Aebi TP57: Power: 67 hp, price: 42500 €, maintenance costs: 70 € / day Swing axle, attachable twin tires (narrow from the outside) Animated joystick Interactive Control (doors, radio, high beam, daylight, working lights) Passenger’s script was installed Various lights (high beam, daylight, work light, RULs) Animated displays (speedometer, RPM, fuel tank, diesel consumption, turn signals, forward and reverse gear) Mountable and selectable license plate (only Austrian signs) Aebi Transport Module: Capacity 5000l, price: 7000 €, maintenance costs: 10 € / day Mountable and selectable number plate (only Austrian signs, adapts to the number plate of the TP48) Crops: cereals, potatoes, sugar beets, grass hay, straw, wood chips, etc. Aebi loader wagon module: Capacity 26000l, price: 12500 €, maintenance costs: 10 € / day Mountable and selectable license plate (only Austrian signs, adapts to the license plate of the TP57) Crops: grass hay, straw Mountable PTO Working width: 2.50m Thanks to all members of Südtirol Modding and all my fans who are behind me. You are the best. A big thank you goes to all who always stand by my side, thank you J The mod may only be changed with permission and re-uploaded.

Modell: Südtirol Modding
Textur: Südtirol Modding
Script: Südtirol Modding
Idee / Konzept: Südtirol Modding
Tester: Südtirol Modding
Sonstige: Südtirol Modding

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