ANIMALS V1.0.0.1

Welcome to animals, This map is based on goldcrest valley.
You will find there is not alot of changes taken place on this map most the biggest change is x2 animals.
IE; 2x cows 2x pigs 2x sheep.
This mod has been brought to us and made possible by black sheep modding.
Now the second lot of animals are not as easy to keep as the first lot.
You can buy these animals direct from farm or the dealer, unfortunately cows sheep pigs 2 can only be brought from animal husbandry triggers and animal market.
They can not be placed into any giants regular trailers i have the script for the trailer which i am working on at present.
Maps other features i have added snow mask so is now seasons ready.
I have made some field changes you will now start with 3 larger fields spread across the map.
There are 20 Fields in total.
Added tech farm silo.
All new fruit foliage textures.
New foliage textures.
New terrain textures.
Error free log.
Feel free to edit for personal use.


Black sheep modding
Realismus modding

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