MavericksfarmV2seasons update

Version3 UPDATE
For the gameplay you don’t need a new savegame unless you wanna see the 8 trees i added near the mainyard.

-problem at tipplace BGA solved, something blocked the way
-replaced a few old shaders
-removed and replaced the prisonwall’s around the mainyard
-and most of all , cleaned up the files and reduced the filesize from 1.9GB to 1.3GB
it will load faster.
-tested and solved few issue’s

This is version 2 and the final version of Mavericksfarm and Seasons ready

Unless there appear some problems i will short them out if possible.
I added allot in the second version and improved some things.
– cut down the forestry area,it was to big ans i hear it makes the area laggy.
– removed the sawmill for boardpallets and placed 2 woodfactory’s in place.
-changed palletfactory’s and moved to forestry area
-improved BGA area an changed biodiesel area
-removed the little greenhouses and created one big greenhouse that produce 8 different fruits
-removed pallets from greenhouse,compost is needed to produce instead.
-added manure,seeds and fertilizer to farmsilo’s
-removed all trees and renewed to work with the seasons mod
-tried to label everything for your comfort.
-the map has 2 placeable area’s made snowfree , it’s marked on the PDA
Slurryseperator(pro nature)
Fertilizer factory
Seed factory
V1 factory’s : weaving mill , palletfillingfactory , milkfactory …..
PS: make sure you don’t have other maps in your modfolder because that probably will cause conflicts for this map.This was my first map and my first steps in map modding, now i know how much work this is i respect all modders even more.
This map was a learning proces , i hope you enjoy the map.

For support go to my page

Shywizard (youtube) for his nice tutorials,learned allot of that
Nick the Hick for his nice placeable reviews , that gives me nice ideas to build in
Modders (sorry if i forget someone)
scripts Kevin98 and Marhu
Urmodder: BaTt3RiE
and all other modders . Allot respect
A special thank you to chaseydog (pc-sg modding ) to help fix some problems

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1 Response

  1. GaryM says:

    To the Designer(s): This is a well designed map. It has become the favorite for me and my buddies over Don Diego and Po river. But we have a few issues to tell you about.
    Ok, we use the largest equipment as this type of map can handle them.
    1. The street lights are extremely annoying for big equipment. (remove every other one maybe would be very helpful).
    2. This new version, there has been new trees added. now that’s become as annoying as the street lights. ( not a big problem. we just cut them down. (of course that’s a lot of work, but so be it),.
    The problem with that is the huge\tall either poplar or eucalyptus trees (not sure what they are called) CANNOT be cut down, they won’t give a trigger to cut. And these are the trees that need to be removed more than the other ones.

    Please work with us dedicated farmers. Thanx.

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