Hello dear friends of realistic slurry spreading.

Here comes my V4.0 of my manure pack. Sorry that it took so long, but was times sick and then goes with me nix. So, what was made:
1. Log error on Dediserver fixed
2. Resolved log reset
3. Fixed log error during reconfiguration
4. Additional cameras attached
5. Added feeder container for IT runner
6. Particle (which is what remains in the field) you can now switch on and off via input binding.
7. Pipe error in the Veenhuis single-axle and Zunhammer TV fixed
I’m just looking at the MP and Dedi server story a bit. Hope this can be done with the help of DJ-ToBe full MP and Dedi-capable, but that still needs a bit. Maybe I can not make it. Just take a look. Singleplayer technically everything is functional.
So have fun with the Güllen.

After much modding, scripting, 3D snip and game testing is finally my manure chain for the FS17 finished.
The description will now be a bit long, but I ask you to read it to the end, so in advance all the questions and possible Fehbedienung can be excluded. He has become a bit bulky so here is a brief overview of the vehicles.
Kotte TSA Tandem 24000L
Kotte TSA Tandem 30000L
Kotte TSA Triedem 30000L
Kotte Feldrandcontainer
Veenhuis tandem 24000L
Veenhuis Triedem 31000L
Zunhammer TV 21000L
Zunhammer PE 22500L
Zunhammer Vibro
Zunhammer Zunidisc
Möscha swivel manifold
Väderstad Carrier 820
Fliegl Dolly abridged
Vogelsang SwingMax30
Vogelsang SwingUp15
So here come the descriptions of the individual devices. In general. All drums have an animated suction arm (Mouse Control) and a suction nozzle Animated. Do you know maybe from Kotte Quattro Bayerbua from the FS15. Thank you for the idea and Bayerbua Upside Down, the already announced the release of the scripts me in FS15. So, it is exactly the spout to meet until the icon of the sharing service is overcharging. The spout follows the pipe. Then press Input Implement extra 3 then there you go. The overcharge rate is about 9000l / min at Real Time game (ie time x1). If the game time is accelerated, the overcharge rate goes up accordingly.
In the Zunhammer TV and the Veenhuis barrels you have the opportunity about InputBinding TOGGLE PIPE tube pre-positioning. The position can be adjusted between 60 ° and 160 °. All InputBindings are not defaulted. So first you should the functions in the InputBindings assign a button, otherwise nothing works. Have not deliberately done because eh any functions which will have different.
Let the Kotte feeders on. The Kotte TSA Triedem scored automatic lift axles. Means that from a level above 5% the rear axle automatically moves down. From a level above 60%, the front lift axle moves down. When Veenhuis Triedem the front axle is automatically lifted. In the ZIP file for Course Play lies. This simply replace in Course Play. Then all the barrels are also Course Play Tough. Have tried all feeder. Works flawlessly on the barn cesspit. Even with the Field border container. All feeders have the standard functions such as wheel and color choice.
To continue with the Zunhammer PE22500. This scored a telescopic axle for soil conservation. First you need to fold out the barrel, and again press the button Implememt lower, so it is below. Is unfortunately otherwise. It can also be taken as a feeder for the other drums. At all barrels a Pflegebereifung can be configured, for those who want to inventory without damage Guellen in Growing.
Now for the Ausbringgeräten. In all dispenses between 10m3 / ha and 40m3 / ha can be selected. This appears in a Hud. The application rate is kept constant, no matter how fast you drive. You may like to check. Thus a precise fertilization is possible. I also have the Particle inserted from the manure as you can see in the pictures. The map must be sure not vorbeitet because his GIANTS standard feature. Thus, should work on each MAP. I like it. The dribble bar and Carriere’ve got a Paritclesystem on the hose ends.
The SwingMax earned an extra paragraph. It can be purchased separately in the shop. In order to better adapt it to the field size, barrel size, application rate, etc., it can be folded by 30m width to 24m in width and 18m in width. Consumption is of course adjusted. Moreover, it has got a section control. 10 Teibreiten can be switched in sequence from left to right or from right to left. With Reset all 10 are brought back online. Moreover, it can be raised for deployment in growing stock (or who wants to see the Parti Clean Imation). All functions should be interlocked to prevent incorrect operation. First, it needs to be expanded, otherwise garnix. Switched on and off it is over Implement and down.
So what else. Belief that the time had come. Since I alone Modde, I could not try everything. If you notice anything, just write a message. The barrels are all declared as “tank”. Otherwise this does not work with the application rate. So you always need a dispensing instrument. Therefore I have also made the Möscha swivel manifold from Fliegl Barrel purchasable, who wants to spend so much for a dispensing unit.
The log is error-free.
Well then have fun Guellen. And remember, only occupy InputBindings. Otherwise nothing goes.

Modell: Giants monteur1 Bjohn(Rohr Carrier)
Script: Upsidedown monteur1
Idee / Konzept: monteur1 Bayerbua

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