Today we bring you another awesome mod from Winston Modding in the form of a Man Agra 8×8 truck. But the pack contains more than just the truck. It also comes with three tanker attachments for the agra. A milk tanker, a water tanker and a fuel tanker. The Man Agra 8×8 has a front attacher, in cab controls for the windows and front attacher as well as realistic suspension. The tankers can hold forty five thousand liters of there respective fluids which will allow you to move a decent amount. The truck also has good chunky off road tires perfect for farm or forestry work. So check it out.

Original Credits Kyosho´s Modfactory, Converted to FS17 By winston9587.

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  1. Dwight says:

    Just downloaded this mod, I can find the truck in the store, but I cant find the tankers.
    Am I missing something?

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