Since I have found lately that I small Zetor Proxima 120 very like to play, I once requested at Zetor, if they can not make a little facelift. You could!
No sooner said than done – So here’s the little facelift of Proxima 120th

What has changed compared to the original?
Multicolor chassis (33 colors)
Multicolor wheels (32 colors)
Motorconfiguration 120PS (Proxima 120) 131HP (Proxima 120 chip), 141PS (Proxima 120 chip +), 161PS (Proxima 120 Ultra)
Speed ??range extension for each model (comes the GearBox addon Good!)
Speed ??53 km / h forward and 20 km / h reverse lifted
increased tank capacity to 225 liters
Matching the engine configurations, the braking system was designed
Chassis comfortable / softer, (not hopping at Real Ground Response now like the original)
Engine sound was louder than the original
installed as Fanfare horn
changed light Corona
modified exhaust smoke
Panes tinted (with UV filter)
Symbols on the clock colored (what unfortunately due to the wheel not so good)

The Proxima 120 was tested with the following mods:
1. FS17_AIVehicleExtension – works
2. ZZZ_courseplay – works
3. Standard helper – works
4. ZZZ_driveControl – works
5. ZZZ_GPS – works
6. zzz_SpeedControl – works
7. FS17_GearboxAddon – works (Automatic and Manual)

Furthermore were tested:
Trailer (empty and full, turntable and Trucks)
Three-point (cultivators, plows, seeders)
Drawbar trailer equipment (cultivators, plows, harvesters, etc.)

My requirement in Zetor was to keep the package under 100,000 euros, and they succeeded. In the full configuration of the tractor comes to 95,600 euros.

Store data:
Sale price: 89,000 euros (base) – 95,600 Euro (fully equipped)
Daily maintenance: 170 euros (base) – 195 Euro (fully equipped)
Speed: 53km / h forwards, 20km / h reverse
Power: 88kW / 120PS – 118kW / 161PS

The mod does not cause Logfehler! (if you have Logfehler, check for compatibility with your mods – dive with me at 577 activated mods no errors!)
The version is final, there will be no changes give it more, neither tire configuration something else. I like the way he is!

Modell: Giants
Textur: Giants /BjoernP
Script: Giants/BjoernP
Idee / Konzept: Giants/BjoernP
Tester: BjoernP
Sonstige: n/a

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