ZIL 133G40 V1.0

Choosing the color of the cab, body, grille.
3 engine options:
The engine ZIL-645 185л.with.
The engine KAMAZ-740 210l.with.
Engine YAMZ-236NE2 230l.s
Each engine has its own sound.
The mod has 2 type of body (10000l and 20000л).
Open the Board with the mouse.
Mod adapted for mod Gear Box
Spelled out the real gear ratios
for each gear (has 9 gears forward and 1 gear back)
Animation suspension, mud flaps, appliances.
Working mirrors. Light.
The straps secure the cargo.
Tyre pressure.
The log is clean.

Ride, test, find shoals, write.
Assembly and revision: Orel RuS, Sergey Nikiforov.

Сборка и доработка: Orel RuS, Сергей Никифоров.

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