Here is our map for you for FS19. You will have several possibilities as to the use of the map of possible scenes to play.
Indeed, you will be able to manage a fictitious French motorway concession, which is the primary purpose of creating the map. You can also play role-play scenes with the helpers.
But that’s not all, you can also do agriculture (except breeding), forestry, public works and also landscaping. And much more…
Behind this map hides a year of work if not more, often complex. We therefore ask you to respect this work:
Modification, conversion, reupload prohibited (forbidden)
INFO: Map compatible with TP fruit and Season mod
WARNING: The map is heavy, it is possible that weak configurations cannot make the map run or that they experience difficulties in doing so, often manifesting themselves by more or less frequent bugs.

Les Autoroutes du 19

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