The map is entirely fictional, but based on the Russian landscape.

– updated databases (added garages);
– removed the silo pit from the 2nd base;
– the sleep trigger was moved along with the house;
– removed small fields (made in one piece).

– One farm (pigs / sheep / horses / chickens / cows);
– Biogas plant;
– 21 fields, different sizes;
– 7 points of sale;
– Sawmill;
– Agricultural machinery store;
– Wonderful location;
– Forest;
– Support for the “Seasons” mod;
– And much more…

Clondike, Makinsan

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  1. Avatar Lionel says:

    Thank you for this beautiful map, it is really a lot of fun to play, very nice details are built in, very nice routes can be driven. Many large and small fields make the map very realistic, the starting point is okay, the goal is the large farm in the game, you can buy this when you have earned enough money, so this is now my goal in the game 🙂

    For me a really nice and beautiful map.
    For this, from me 5 out of 5 stars as a rating.
    Please more of it in this quality 🙂

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