This mod revises the different cattle breeds in the game and gives them real names and meaning. Here are the different characteristics of the races:

Breeds that do not give milk:
Breed Feature 1 Feature 2 per cow Feeding Multipl.
Norfolkrind straw consumption high, lots of crap 1.8 birth rate 2700 € 1.8
Angus beef straw consumption high, a lot of crap 2.5 birth rate 3800 € 2.2
Brahman cattle water consumption high, lots of manure 1.8 birth rate 2800 € 1.5

Breeds giving milk:
Breed Feature 1 Feature 2 per cow Feeding Multipl.
Holstein cow Lots of milk, high feed consumption 2.5 Milk rate 3950 € 1.7
Simmental Fleckvieh Less milk, lower feed consumption 1.8 Milk rate 2500 € 1.4

Originalmod see Ingame description / Moddesc.

Please report in case of errors!

Script: Meliandah’s “Animal Species” | 97Lukas90
Idee / Konzept: 97Lukas90
Tester: Dennis906/SnuSnu99/NerdCrash

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