6.03.00054 Potato/cotton harvester fixes
Fix implement raise/lower for #7110 and #7112
Cotton harversters should work better (#7103), except the JD

6.03.00053 Many fixes
Mode 6 re-enabled for Kuhn Discolander, fixes #7023
The fix for #6912 screwed this up. Instead of enabling all foldables
for mode 6 and disabling sprayers/sowing machines, just enable
tension belts, that should cover auto bale loader trailers.
Working width setting by 0.1 increments fixes #5997
Working width can be set by 0.1 increments over 10 m when holding
down the left Alt key.
MapHotspot improvements
moved setting to global settings
simplified setting
improved start/stop CP multiplayer code
Fixes a click to switch bug.
Where the player farm ID after entering a vehicle was not set correctly in SP.
Check for exact fill nodes before using them (#7060)
Fixes #7006
Reverse for AD courses #7026 (#7061)
Trying to figure out where should the course be driven in reverse,
based on the angle difference between two subsequent waypoints,
similar to what AD does internally.
Quite a fragile process, not really happy with it.
Fix AD compatibility (#7066)
Added explicit interface functions to stop/start the CP driver
When stopping/starting just check if CP is driving, don’t worry about getIsAIActive()
as that can be anything, especially when other mods setting it.
Salford Plow:
Removed ‘noReverse’ as it tourned out it can be pushed backwards in 90 and 180 degree turns very easy.
Making the cotton harvesters work (#7077)
Some of them won’t lower the cutter, for those, just lower manually before starting the CP driver.
Mode 2 fix for trucks #7074 (#7078)
check truck’s own fill level, not just trailer
Action event rework
created new ActionEventConfig.xml file.
small pr improvements
fixes MP bug, when autodrive starts a CP driver.


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