So the first update, a big one if I say so my self. It takes a lot of time to record all Course Play tracks, writing down all roads and junctions. I changed some road names and added more roads, roads are more easy to read. With the in-game map it will be easier to make a full course for every one.

Whats new/planned:
– A Roads Ready.
– A Roads Cross Sections Ready.
– B Roads Work In Progress.
– B Roads Cross Sections Work In Progress.
– In-Game PDA map Ready.
– In-Game Full map Ready.
– Sell Courses Future Planning.
– Field Courses Future Planning.
– Field Work Future Planning.

I hope you like the update, please leave a comment, suggestions and if you have problems when using this CoursePlay Road Network for Clover Creek, please let me know!

Please do not re-upload, all credits to the owners of mods, etc.

Original Map:
Author Kastor Ge -Converting By Yazu

Course Play mod
CoursePlay recordings, in-game PDA and Full Map are changed by myself. XynioniC

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