FENDT VARIO 700 V1.2.0.0

This is the Fendt Vario 700 from the standard game only slightly rebuilt.
What was done?
-Michelin, Mitas and Trelleborg Terrabereifung added
Interior embellished (folding rule, screwdriver, etc.)
-diverse stickers added
Warning boards added
Michelangelo added
Color choice, choice of rim
Head Console added
Horns with powerful sound added
Number plates added
-Fendt 724 Vario chip added as a new configuration

Have fun with the mod!
Write us suggestions for improvement!

Modell: Giants und The Iseki Friends
Textur: Giants und The Iseki Friends
Script: Giants und The Iseki Friends
Idee / Konzept: Giants und The Iseki Friends
Tester:The Iseki Friends

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