Hello farmers, with the introduction of the new patch, it is now possible to actively intervene in landscaping, i. we can create soil textures and hills or valleys ourselves.

New version, the following was done:
– new formats added (2×1, 2×2, 32×32) the old ones have remained
– Terrain is no longer changed when placing grassy areas
Big thanks to Gnork B’yoink!

Did you notice that no grass grows in the green soil texture ?? I think it annoys one or the other because it does not look pretty. There is a solution that I have found on another page and would like to share with you.
Gameplay Grass Patch is called the mod which not, I stress, not mine. The good Gnork B’yoink has created this mod and I just think it’s awesome.
There are the following formats: 4×4 8×2 8×8 and 16×16 which can be placed at will. Afterwards, please delete these placeable parts in the garage menu and the barrel with outline tools disappear again. The lawn is left behind.
Unfortunately I can not help with mistakes or questions, it works great and I can not write you more.
Have fun with it.
In the shop to find under decoration!
Addendum: These grasses grow and you can also mow them.
Pictures 5 – 9 inserted.

Modell: Gnork B’yoink
Textur: Gnork B’yoink
Script: Gnork B’yoink
Idee / Konzept: Gnork B’yoink

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