This is the map of Farming Simulator 2013 converted and modernized for FS19. – 43 fields – BGA – Spaces for placeables – Includes new placeables Changelog – New PDA Map. – Including transport mission. – Including animal pen for pigs Hagenstedt style! – Customized map for Precision Farming. – In new game now all vehicle and building are news. Changelog – Added compatibility with Store Sales by GTX. – New crops!! Rye and Millet. – Adapted for TMR / PigFood Production (by erShaba). – Adapted for Placeable Factories Pack (by erShaba). – Adapted for Seed Factory (by erShaba). – Adapted for Placeable EcoGreen Factories. – Updated for Placeable Factory Pellet Pack. – Gas station on main farm is now placeable (in new game). – Adjusted tipCol in BGA. Changelog – Adapted for Placeable Factories Pack – Adapted for Placeable Factory Pellet Pack – Sheep, cows and horse accept hay pellet. Changelog – Added bushes and decoFoliage to mode Landscape. – Eggbox directly in pallet of 2.100 lts. Changelog – Fixed problems with fields helpers. – Reviewed all points of sale. – Reduced zip size. Changelog – Painted decoration of terrain. – Corrected position of some decorative objects. – Revised bales sale point. – Fixed lighting at night. – Added animal enclosures FS13 (cows, sheep and chickens). – Changed Poplar for volumeTree. – Ready for Seasons. Changelog – Added woodchips sellpoint in port. – Added Grass to landscape mode for paint with grass. – Changed respawn zone to vehicle Shop. – Various ajusted in deco. Game Farming Simulator 19 Manufacturer Convertion by Vanquish081 Category Map Author Vanquish081 Size 134.39 MB Version Released 06.05.2021 Platform PC/MAC, PS4, XB1


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