Welcome to Lithuanian Map.

An idea to make the map was came due standard shaped fields and relief in standard map or mod maps which are not optimized properly. Thanks to game tester for advices to improve and optimize the map.

Map is totally imaginary place and is standard size map. This is not based on any real location. Terrain is very hilly. Map have 14 farmlands from 6ha up to 36ha. Also have 4 places for farms or lots of room for your placeables. Additional fruits – carrots, onion, hops tobacco. Here you will find 3 sell points, animal dealer, spinnery, sawmill, barn, fill stations, gas station and of course the vehicle shop.

There is no bio gas plant currently at the map due competition of the game between farms. In my opinion there are no point to place 4 bga, I would advice to use mod bga for farms owners and place them in to the place you want it.

Map idea is friendly online fun play, max 4 farms in 4 player squad or 2 farms and 8 player squad in each farm. Please use medium equipment to work the land and powerful tractors. This map will run smooth, I hope you will love it.

Note: you will start the game from scratch. Farm like never before! PLEASE USE CUSTOM MODS (comes with map).

Next version will be available at farming-simulator mod hub.

By Maikis

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  1. Maikis1LTU says:

    Hi there, I was created this map, but Farming Simulator and stmods ru not welcome my mods same as me. So please delete my mod and all related date on site with tag ‘1LTU’ or ‘Maikis’. Thank you. Wish you nothing but the best….

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