This is a map i made a few months ago, but now that i knwo how to upload maps, (it’s different then other mods) i uploaded.
It’s defentaly not perfect, but for my first map it’s pretty good, but anywho…
The map is off some sort of halo ring, yes i know, you should have seen the textures before these. hehe. but again, it’s work in progress, there’ll be alot of updates fixing it up a bit. But while where all staring at are calandars and clocks for Halo infinite on the 23rd i thought this would be a little distraction. Halo infinite demo out on the 23rd by the way :O
There isnt to much on the map, I put a 3D file of the drednought on the map, it’s solid too! 4 or 5 bases hidden throughout the map. Master chief and another spartan named 234 i think. Miranda keyes. and SOOOOO many easter eggs hidden away for you to find. there is at least 6 or 5 easter eggs. But yep, that’s pretty much all.
If your the author of any of these 3D objects let me know in the comments down below.

Have fun!

Creator of MapOfTheLostSpartan: Spartan756
Creator of orginal flat map (I think): Malymodder

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