North Frisian march with the first productions.

Version 2.2 Seasons and Global Company ready
– The map is Seasons Mod ready, snow mask and some lakes freeze too
– All productions and placeable objects are Seasons ready
– Channel members lairds and farmers have moved in
– Global Company ready, all productions are rewritten on Global Company
– Output of pallets for flour, sugar, pellets, apples, cherry, pears, plums
– New production sawmill with output of pallets (empty pallets and board pallets)
– New hardware store for the pallets
– Supermarkets are now accepting the new pallets
– Pig feed production Abkipprohr slightly increased
– BGA tube slightly raised for digestate
– Roads are cheaper to buy and can then be cleared of snow
– Texture at the Silo King at BGA Nord fits again
– Designation Construction site and trade fixed

The productions compound feed, seed and fertilizer production are part of the march as placeable productions.

Have fun while being productive;)

Moin people, the wait is over and I can show you the Nordfriesian March V1 beta. Unfortunately, there are still no productions but very many sales opportunities.

North Frisian plains with attention to detail, typical of dikes, ditches, forests, deco windmills
Large fields (20 cereals, 14 grass)
17 sales stations
2 bga’s
New missions
Very much space for placeable objects of all kinds

I wish you a lot of fun and good luck on the NF march
Kind regards

FedAction LetsPlay

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