The map was released because of a deal by one of the testers, Asphalt, who was given the map in confidence that he would not give it away, much less he would not spend it. I have received information that the map has already been distributed to several people, to shorten the possibility of further distribution I am issuing the first version of the map. It is not a perfect map, it requires a few more major and minor corrections. The map has no errors in the log.

Some information about the map:
– on the map there are 2 places to build your own economy
– buy, where you can sell (all kinds of cereals, bales of straw, hay, haylage, milk, eggs and buy lime)
– there are 39 fields on the map together with meadows
– map is compatible with mod seasons and extended to dlc precision farming
– dynamic soil textures (360)
– diverse terrain

– no going to forums with a different link!
– claiming to be the author of the map!

At this point, I also want to write that the buildings and ground textures are not mine by AGROPiotrmosz, so I know that I do not have permission to use them, so I apologize for that! Whoever wants to, can play it, whoever doesn’t, don’t play! Thanks to all the testers I trust who tested the map, thanks a lot!

Autor mapy: KamiL
Autor PDA mapy: Zeetesik

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