This is not really a “mod” – it is a standalone program that allows you to change the tab order of your FS19 drivable vehicles. You can also repair and wash all your equipment.

Both Mac and Windows versions are included in the ZIP file. Simply copy the app for your system to a new folder on the hard drive where your Farming Simulator 2019 is installed.

Be sure to close/exit FS19 before running the app.

The app needs to know the location of your FS19 data – this is the folder where your savegame files are located. The first time you run the app, it will try to automatically determine the proper location. If you have your data in a non-standard location, you will need to open the Settings dialog and browse to your FS19 data location.

Once the data location has been found, the app will show a list of your current savegames. Simply select the one you want to work with, and its drivable vehicles will be loaded into the app window.

You can select a vehicle and use the Up/Down buttons to move it.

You can also repair and wash all your equipment. These choices act on all vehicles and implements, not just the drivable ones.

When finished, click the Save button. The next time you run FS19 and load your savegame, the tab order of your vehicles will be whatever you set in the app. It’s that simple!

It is recommended to make a backup copy (outside the savegame folder) of your vehicles.xml file before using the app.


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